Work for the common good. Money for the 99%.

How Unmuni works

Participants form councils around specific goals that align with the Unmuni values. Councils decide what work needs to be done to meet the goals of the council. Whoever does this work will receive 10 jiffies for every hour that they contribute.

Jiffies are a currency, the idea is that you will be able to use them just like Guatemalan Quetzales or Swiss Francs. Unlike national currencies jiffies are only created when someone does work for the common good. To encourage people to find a use for their jiffies, jiffies shrink over time. If you have 10 jiffies today, they will be worth 9 jiffies in a month.

Councils managing the jiffy currency and Unmuni values will rotate membership monthly by random selection among all participants of all Unmuni councils who are willing and committed to the Unmuni values. If these councils need to split because of inability to reach consensus it will mean splitting the currency and infrastructure to run it.

How does decision making work in Unmuni councils?

  1. An Unmuni council makes important decisions that aren't time critical via a consensus process. If a council can't consistently reach consensus it should divide into councils that can.
  2. An Unmuni council delegates time critical decisions to a single officer (e.g. secretary or treasurer), or a three member executive committee. Councils will rotate officers and executive committees at least monthly among all those willing to participate.
  3. Unmuni will not distribute jiffies to councils with fewer than 6 participants who have committed to the Unmuni values.